Cispus Area Loop

Marvel at the natural beauty of the Cispus River Area

Those seeking a short side trip into the forest will marvel at the natural beauty of the Cispus River Area. Watch the waters of the Cispus as they flow gracefully through the forest. Options to extend this forest tour include wildlife watching, hiking, fishing, a simple quiet walk in the woods – and more!

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Driving Directions: From Randle, travel south on State Route (SR) 131 for 1 mile and stay right on Forest Road (FR) 25.

Follow FR25 8.9 miles to FR76 (at Iron Creek CG); turn left on FR76.

Follow FR76 7.8 miles to FR28; turn left on FR28.

Follow FR28 1.4 miles to FR23; turn left.

Follow FR23 9.2 miles back to Randle.